Marcella Clarke

European Trade Mark Attorney

Trade Marks, Designs
and Copyright

Trade Marks

Your brand is often your most valuable asset, and trade marks protect your brand. 

Most people assume that registering a company name, business name or domain name gives protection against competitors who might start trading with a similar name. This is not the case. The only robust way to protect yourself against this is with a registered trade mark. 



If your product has a distinctive design, you may also be able to protect it against copying with a registered design. 

Like trade marks, registered designs provide you with a monopoly on copying, which appears on the public register. However, obtaining one needs special expertise. 



Copyright is a different sort of intellectual property. It protects your work from being copied without your permission. 

Copyright does not need to be registered, but a copyright specialist can help you with strategies to make the most of your rights, from works of art to technical manuals. 


Marcella Clarke


Marcella is a European Trade Mark Attorney based in Dublin. For the past 15 years, she has specialised in Irish, European Community and International trade mark services and related Intellectual Property matters.