Marcella Clarke

European Trade Mark Attorney

Trade Marks, Designs
and Copyright

Registered Designs

If your product has a distinctive design, you may also be able to protect it against copying with a registered design. 

Like trade marks, registered designs provide you with a monopoly on copying, which appears on the public register. However, obtaining one needs special expertise. 

Marcella can advise on:

  • Registered design protection
  • Unregistered design rights
  • Preparing, filing and prosecuting design applications
  • Preparing the appropriate legal documents transferring all registered and unregistered design rights to the appropriate party
  • Clearance searching prior to a product launch, even if you do not intend to register


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Marcella Clarke


Marcella is a European Trade Mark Attorney based in Dublin. For the past 15 years, she has specialised in Irish, European Community and International trade mark services and related Intellectual Property matters.